Mel Brooks, Gervais, More Pay Tribute to Gene Wilder

Gilda Radner (C) and Gene Wilder (R) perform in a scene from the film "Hanky Panky," directed by Sidney Poitier in Boston. (AP Photo/Bill Polo, File)

LOS ANGELES —Tributes from peers and admirers poured in Monday for Gene Wilder, who died Sunday at the age of 83 of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

“Gene Wilder, one of the truly great talents of our time, is gone. He blessed every film we did together with his special magic and he blessed my life with his friendship. He will be so missed.”

-Director Mel Brooks in a statement

“Gene Wilder was one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form. If there’s a heaven he has a Golden Ticket.”

-Actor Jim Carrey on Twitter

“RIP to the legend Gene Wilder, keep it classy.”

-Comedian Will Ferrell on Twitter

“A moment of silence for the master of the comedic pause. Gene Wilder: funny doing something & funny doing nothing.”

-Director Edgar Wright on Twitter

“‘Good Day Sir!’ RIP Gene Wilder”

-Comedian Ricky Gervais on Twitter

“Thank you Gene Wilder for all that you’ve given us. You’ll be missed.”

-The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Twitter

“I saw Blazing Saddles 7 times at the cinema with my school friends. George St. Cows outside.

Gene Wilder you were a genius. Rest in Peace.”

-Actor Russell Crowe on Twitter

“R.I.P. Gene Wilder. Please hug Gilda for me.”

-Producer and writer Alan Zweibel on Facebook

“A man who lit up the world with his joy and genius. I can’t say what it meant to act with him and get to know his heart.”

-Actress Debra Messing on Twitter

“‘Nowhere special. I always wanted to go there.’ #RIP #GeneWilder”

-Comedian Taran Killam on Twitter

“Gene Wilder touched my life, my heart and my funny bone with his unique and genius work. May he rest with peace and joy. #gene wilder”

-Actor Jason Alexander on Twitter

“Oh, no. Gene Wilder. Seriously one of the funniest humans ever. Sad. RIP”

-Comedian Marc Maron on Twitter

“Bless you for all these years of laughter and love, such warmth and humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you #GeneWilder”

-Film Critic Leonard Maltin on Twitter

“Thanks for stopping by Earth for a while.”

-Actress Olivia Wilde on Twitter

“GENE WILDER, the face of childhood joy for many a generation, has passed. Farewell, sweet genius. Gilda awaits you.”

-Director Kevin Smith on Twitter

“Gene Wilder acted at a different frequency than any other. He was always a moment away from tenderness or hysteria. What an original.”

-Actor Alan Tudyk on Twitter

“Thank you Gene Wilder for the wonderful, the weird, the pure imagination. One of my greatest heroes.”

-Singer Josh Groban on Twitter

“Gene Wilder as one of my earliest heroes. Blazing Saddles, Willy Wonka, are CLINICS on comic acting. Sad to hear of his passing.”

-Rob Lowe on Twitter

“The genius, the talent, the actor, the original, the artist, the storyteller, the creative, the iconic, the great, great, great Gene Wilder.”

-Actress Uzo Aduba on Twitter

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