New Trump Campaign CEO Scrutinized for His Past

Stephen K. Bannon hosts Brietbart News Daily on SiriusXM Patriot at Quicken Loans Arena on July 21, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Ben Jackson/Getty Images for SiriusXM) Stephen K. Bannon

CEO of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, Stephen K. Bannon, is facing questions about an active voter registration on an empty Florida home. 

Bannon, who is the executive director of the Breitbart news website, was hired by the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign on Aug. 17. 

The Guardian first reported that the campaign CEO is registered to vote at a vacant house in Miami-Dada County, Florida, he does not live in.

According to the report Bannon rented the house for his former wife, Diane Clohesy, but hasn’t lived there himself.

Clohesy and Bannon divorced seven years ago and the house has been reportedly empty after Clohesy moved out earlier this year. 

“I have emptied the property,” Luis Guevara, the owner of the house, which is in the Coconut Grove section of the city, stold The Guardian. “Nobody lives there … we are going to make a construction there,” said Guervara.

Bannon also rented a different Florida apartment for Clohesy between the years of 2013 and 2015, and at the time, he changed his voter registration to that address.

In a statement to The Guardian, Trump campaign spokesman said in an email: “Mr Bannon moved to another location in Florida,” but would not comment further.

1996 Domestic Abuse Charge

The Trump campaign CEO was also scrutinized for a domestic abuse charge from twenty years ago involving his ex-wife, Mary Louise Piccard.

He was charged in February 1996 with domestic violence, battery, and attempting to dissuade a victim from reporting a crime, although the charges were later dropped. In a testimony, Piccard claimed that Bannon told her to leave town—Santa Monica, California—to avoid testifying.

“[He said] that if I wasn’t in town they couldn’t serve me and I wouldn’t have to go to court,” she claimed in court documents first reported by the New York Post.

“He also told me that if I went to court he and his attorney would make sure that I would be the one who was guilty. I was told that I could go anywhere in the world,” said the documents, which could not be independently verified.

In a redacted Santa Monica crime report obtained by Politico, Bannon is described attacking Piccard. 

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway said she didn’t know whether or not Donald Trump was aware of the charges against Bannon. 

“I don’t know what he was aware of with respect to a 20-year-old claim where the charges were dropped. So that’s all I know about is what I read,” Kellyanne Conway told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Conway was hired as campaign manager at the same time that Bannon joined the Trump campaign.

Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who’s reputation was tarnished following reports that he received nearly $13 million in cash payments from former Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych’s political party, filed his resignation days after Bannon and Conway came on.

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