Raging Bull Breaks Into Cage And Attacks Man

Taunting an angry bulll is a terrible idea.

The scene was filmed during the annual celebrations in Onteniente, a municipality in south-eastern Spain’s Valencian Community. The clip starts with the bull on one of the streets in the town. People are watching from the balcony, but also from improvised cages on the pavement located right next to the animal. One man dressed in a red T-shirt is alone behind the bars before another one wearing a green top joins him.

The angry animal charges at the cage and manages to break inside. Suddenly, the man dressed in red finds himself right next to the raging bull without any sort of protection .

As the man is dragged and tossed around like a rag doll, help finally arrives and some bystanders manage to pull him out while others distract the beast by running around in the street. The man’s current condition is unclear and it is not known whether he was gored by the bull .

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